Frequently Asked Questions

What is MAC?

MAC stands for Mission Air Care, an independent, baptistic, church-planting co-operative that provides a support to Bible-centered ministries. Although we are based in North Carolina, we are not limited to NC. God has used the 16 years in Alaska to prepare Earl to meet the needs of the next generation of missionary pilots and serve across North America.

Why a Co-Op type of Ministry?

In remote areas of the world, like the Bush of Alaska, it does not make sense for every missionary to be a pilot, own an airplane, and be his own airplane mechanic, on top of the role he has as a missionary. Commercial flights are available, but it adds extra cost and stress to the family unit when trips have to be made into town for medical needs, shopping for supplies, or some much needed R&R. It makes perfect economic sense to have a centrally located ministry, which acts as logistical support to those of like faith and will support the work of the missionary evangelist-pastor for a more effective Gospel advance.

Where does MAC serve?

MAC provides CO-OP support to missions working in most of North America. God used MAC for 15 years in Alaska, and led Bro. Earl to expand the ministry to North America. We have affiliated missionaries in Maine, reaching into Canada, Florida, reaching into the islands, and Texas, reaching into Mexico.

How did MAC begin?

It was born out of the need to reach into the interior of Alaska with the simple truths of the Bible. God put a deep burden for the souls of lost men and women into Earl Malpass when He saved Earl July 31, 1985. Shortly afterwards, Earl attended a Bible college that had a Missionary Aviation program. Both during and after his time of training, Earl and his wife Lynn, made several short term mission trips into remote areas of Canada and Alaska. In 2001, Earl, Lynn and their son Jeremiah arrived in North Pole, AK were, by God’s grace, they established Mission Air Care. As more and more missionaries learned of MAC, the ministry grew to it’s height in 2012. Unfortunately, as number of missionaries in Alaska declined, the need for a full time aviation ministry also declined. God moved MAC to North Carolina in 2016, where He is expanding the ministry to include parts of Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. God is using the 15 years of experience in Alaska to good use.

Is there a need for missionary aviation in North America?

Yes. Although commercial carriers are available, missionaries and church teams have previously experienced extreme difficulty with conducting missions of mercy, mission trips for Bible Camps, Vacation Bible Schools, and building projects because of the cost of commercial carriers. The commercial airlines have rigid schedules that often don’t work for mission efforts. In some parts of Alaska, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, the only practical way to get Gospel into the villages by way of personal one-on-one evangelism is with an airplane. “How shall they believe on Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach except they be sent?” (Romans 10:14, 15) The next question begs to be asked! “In the remote areas of North America, how can the preacher be sent, without an airplane?” As the young colt carried Christ into Jerusalem for His Triumphal Entry, so do planes carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the villages and cities of North America!

How is MAC supported financially?

MAC is supported in the tradition of the faith mission. Earl & Lynn raised their support from mission-minded churches and friends. Their support is sent to their mission board Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples. BMFP is a 501c3 organization, and is able to send a tax receipt for all donations. Purchases of missionary aircraft and equipment are provided through special voluntary gifts.

What type of aircraft does MAC operate?

At this time, MAC has a Piper Chieftain. It is a 10 seat. We need a single engine aircraft to make shorter flights or smaller flights less expensive. There is also a need for a small, single engine aircraft for flight training new missionary pilots.

What are the qualifications for MAC service?

A “Full time” candidate must know the Lord as personal saviour, have felt a definite “call” to missionary service, and be technically trained as a pilot or as an aircraft mechanic specialist. The candidate must have at least a Bible school education or approved practical experience. Any Christian can volunteer for a day, week, month, or…?