Earl—I heard the Gospel, and trusted Christ at Grace Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC July 31, 1985 at a Wednesday evening prayer meeting.

Lynn—I “prayed a prayer” while I attended a Christian high school, but spent years questioning my salvation. It wasn’t until January 3rd, 2010 that I placed my trust fully on the finish work of Christ.

After marrying in August 1986 we served the Lord at Grace Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC. We were asked to take some kids to the Wilds, a Christian camp in North Carolina. During that week, the Lord used the preaching of Tom Farrel to call us into the ministry.

Ministry Highlights

Earl graduated from Bible college with a A.S. & B.S. degree in mission aviation. He is a pilot, and has an airframe & powerplant license, as well as his Inspectors Authorization. Earl resigned his management position at a turbine engine repair/overhaul facility in 1999 and raised their monthly support.

We ministered in Alaska from 2001-2016. However, for a variety of reasons, it became obvious God was clearly leading us to expand the ministry and moved us to North Carolina. Earl still flies for Christ-honoring ministries, perform aircraft inspections and repairs on ministry aircraft, as well as, train and mentor the next generation of missionary pilots. Our goal has always been to promote a high view of God in our aviation ministries. The Lord has blessed us in many ways. We are excited to see what He has in store for our ministry as we assist missionaries reach Canada, Mexico, and the islands near Florida.

Sending Church

Earl, Lynn & Jeremiah Malpass are members of Twin Rivers Baptist Church, in New Bern, NC.