What God will do with Mission Air Care is His prerogative.

We, as missionaries, endeavor be faithful to serve God as he opens doors, always seeking new and innovative means to grow the ministry as God provides. With that in mind, listed below, is part of the vision that God has given us at Mission Air Care.

Expand the ministry to incorporate new areas of operations, ie. Central & South America (Short Range Goal), Provide optional Oversight and Assistance to global IFB Missionary Aviators, and perhaps become a source of pilots to facilitate even more IFB Churches planted through partnerships with families in isolated regions who need a dedicated missionary pilot/plane.

A Well Equipped Flight School for Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionaries.

Facilities to house Missionary Families who are enrolled in Flight Training.

Having experience with ISO Container Inspection/Repair/Certification to ship goods on a Global scale, we desire to purchase Shipping Containers and have them on site, ready to load supplies and equipment. This service would support new missionaries moving household goods as well as any other missionaries in need of such a service